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London Composition Awards
Winners & Nominees

Best Overall Composition

Melissa Carr - 'Suite for Strings' (Other String Ensemble)

Amelia-Rose Duran - 'Code' (Chamber Orchestra) 

Roza Forbes - 'Magnificat'  (Choral Ensemble)

Robin Gamble - 'Marimba Toccata' (Solo Instrument)

Nico Gutierrez - 'Soledad' (Symphony Orchestra)

Yu Jian - 'Loss II' (Wind Ensemble)

Erik Knight - 'Reverie for cello' (Solo Instrument)

Aden Lutz - 'Vivendo Il Sogno' (String Quartet) *WINNER*

Blair Rossi - 'Symphony in E' (Symphony Orchestra)

Camden Whyte - 'Little Flower' (Solo with Accompaniment)

Orchestral Composition (Symphony Orchestra)

Sama Ayase - 'A Tribute'

Cody Freeman - 'Love & Lust'

Gwen Moran - 'Violin Concerto Mvt. II'

Karl-Heinz ('Kalle') Rademacker - 'Dance of the Butterflies (Lovewalz)'

Michael Tierney - 'Romeo and Juliet' *WINNER*

Orchestral Composition (Chamber Orchestra)

Kathleen Alford - 'Parting'

Lilah Hardy - 'Summer Suite' *WINNER*

Seb Schroeder - 'Two Overtures'

Roydon Tse - 'Down the Rabbit Hole'

Kade Wolfe - 'The Shattering of Glass'

Chamber Composition (Piano Trio)

Valerie Childs - 'Largo'

Reuben Foster - 'Piano Trio'

Fujita Miki - 'Metamorphosis' *WINNER*

Ed Moorhouse - 'Trio in A minor'

Aiesha Williams - 'Momente'

Chamber Composition (String Quartet)

Miruna Barr - 'O Fortune' *WINNER*

Zakariya Chase - 'Quartet no. 1 - Mvt. 1'

Shao Guanyu - 'Baroque Melodies'

Liam Van Der Maark - 'The Magician'

Ferne Shaw - 'String Quartet - Lento'


Chamber Composition (Other String Ensemble)

Ebonie Goulding - 'Lament for String Orchestra'

Margaux Laurent - 'Le Voyage'

Jordan Schofield - 'Kinship' *WINNER*

Jamie-Leigh Regan - 'String Trio'

Lleyton Sampson - 'The Wanderer'


Chamber Composition (Wind Ensemble)

He Li - 'Nymphs (for flute ensemble)'

Ali McCormack - 'Woodwind Quintet'

Nicolas Reeve - '1993'

Julian Savage - 'The Months Suite: March'

Tanner York - 'Septet in F minor' *WINNER*

Chamber Composition (Choral Ensemble)

Rudra Cousins - 'Children of Dawn' *WINNER*

Carmen Flores - 'Psalm 120 & Psalm 132'

Hunter Ramos - 'Mulier a Flumine'

Eve Kathleen Wheeler - 'Two Pieces for Chamber Choir'

Lorena Whitley - 'Ars Amatoria'

Chamber Composition (Other/Mixed Ensemble)

Luca Avramescu - 'Stillness (for percussion ensemble)'

Keenan Iles - 'One Drizzly Evening'

Bhavik Maru - 'Sunset'

Jane Stafford - 'Driving Suite: Movement III'

Eddie Wicks - 'Thoughts of Derry' *WINNER*

Solo Composition (With Accompaniment)

Bernice Cline - 'The Bird'

Király Lajos - 'Viola Sonata (Mvts 1 & 2)' *WINNER*

Aisling O'Brien - 'The Hills Go On and On'

William Swan - 'Sonatina'

Poppy Villarreal - 'Lento Appassionato'

Solo Composition (Without Accompaniment - Piano)

Katy Dunn - 'Clot Like Blood'

Rose Liu - 'Piano Suite (Op. 9)'

Ruairi Lovell - 'Goose' *WINNER*

Ahmet Mohamed - 'Introduction and Theme'

Christopher Wainwright - 'Night Drive'

Solo Composition (Without Accompaniment - Other)

Carl Crawford - 'Winter'

 Paris Mills - 'Suite for Solo Bassoon'

Barta Dorina Mária - 'The Fishermen'

 Amelie Moreau - 'Le Baiser' *WINNER*

 Wei Zheng - 'Toccata'





Emails regarding prize packages will be sent out to all nominees and winners before November 19. If you fail to receive such an email, reach out to us ASAP.


London Composition Youth Awards
Winners & Nominees

Best Overall Composition

Angus Bi (String Quartet)

Willem Bradford (Choral Ensemble)

Felicity Firth (Solo Piano)

Mathilde Gilmour (Symphony Orchestra)

Jannik Marcussen (Piano Trio)

Tamsin Nunez (Chamber Orchestra)

Son Sung-Ki (Chamber Orchestra)

Antal Tibor (Other String Ensemble)

James Tillman (Solo Without Accompaniment)

Spencer Vanderkley (Chamber Orchestra) *WINNER*

Orchestral Composition (Symphony Orchestra)

Erik Bray

Tegan Crowther

Isa Gamble

Lasse Hansen *WINNER*

Namgung Yeong-Su


Orchestral Composition (Chamber Orchestra)

Jet Attard *WINNER*

Sihang Ge

Izabela Mosley

Maisy Weaver

Sienna Wilson

Chamber Composition (Piano Trio)

Aubrey Cooper

Xie Dai

Bernie Ling

Cleo Morris

Kimberley Sanford *WINNER*

Chamber Composition (String Quartet)

Alistair Dunn

Betsy Lu

Kaydon Mansell *WINNER*

Varga Natália

Nicholas Ware


Chamber Composition (Other String Ensemble)

Alissia Baird

Enrique Mellor

Josie Thompson

Ejnar Vestergaard *WINNER*

Pete Williamson


Chamber Composition (Wind Ensemble)

Graeme Day *WINNER*

Tylor Emery

Jasmin Hodges

Isaac Sanderson

Lindsay Velazquez


Chamber Composition (Choral Ensemble)

Tahlia Davison

Miksa Gábor

Olivia Lane-Jacobs *WINNER*

Connie Muir

Simon G Rice

Chamber Composition (Other/Mixed Ensemble)

George-Theodore Arvanitakis

Dale Conner

Darcie Griffiths

Michael Knowles *WINNER*

Kye Seul-Gi

Solo Composition (With Accompaniment)

Stuart Blundell

Colin Frye

Jeppe Kofod

Ebony Ramsay *WINNER*

Maxime Rosario

Solo Composition (Without Accompaniment - Piano)

Seth Denton

Aimee Dodd

Gaia Houghton *WINNER*

Reece Paterson

Hao Wu

Solo Composition (Without Accompaniment - Other)

Adrienne Gough

Noel Middleton

Theodor Munoz

Marie Poulsen

Oliver Reid *WINNER*

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